Cllr Tim Wood

The Town Mayor is responsible for chairing monthly meetings of Bridgend Town Council and both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor usually represent the Town Council at various events throughout the year. The Town Council normally appoints the positions of Town Mayor and Deputy Mayor from amongst its members, at the Annual meeting in May each year. Both appoint a consort to support them during their term.

At the Annual Meeting of Bridgend Town Council on Monday 16th May, Cllr Tim Wood was appointed Mayor of Bridgend Town Council for 2022-23. Cllr Wood appointed Claire Ayres as his consort.

Cllr Wood congratulated the Councillors on their recent election, thanked them for appointing him as Mayor of Bridgend Town and stated that he hopes all Councillors can work together for a productive term of office.

The Mayor’s nominated charity for 2022 – 2023 is Y Bont.

Y Bont is a unique child and family centre located in the grounds of Heronsbridge School, Bridgend. An independent charity established in 1997, Y Bont provides a range of services that support disabled children and their families.

It is possible to ask the Town Mayor to support events in the local community. If you would like the Town Mayor to attend an event you are organising please get in touch with the Town Clerk:

Current Town Mayor

Tim Wood

Current Town Mayor