A Town Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected by the Town Council each year

The Mayor, by virtue of election to Office, is the Chairman of the Council and if present, presides over full Town Council meetings.

Bridgend Town Council discuss the position of Mayor-Elect at the full Council meeting in April, or the nearest Council meeting thereafter. The Mayor is formally appointed at the Annual Bridgend Town Council meeting held in May. If in an election year, the Mayor-Elect chosen in April is not re-elected at the May elections, there will be a vote undertaken at the Annual Bridgend Town Council meeting held in May.

The Mayor has a number of statutory functions as set out below:

  • If present at the Town Council meeting, the Mayor must chair the meeting. This does not apply to committee meetings.
  • The Mayor has a casting vote in the event of an equality of votes.
  • The Mayor should ensure, together with the Town Clerk, that the Council makes legal decisions.
  • The Mayor has a duty to ensure that the meeting agenda is followed correctly and that Standing Orders are properly applied.
Please Note

The Town Mayor does not have any decision making powers on behalf of the Council.

Current Mayor

Past Mayors