Bridgend Town Council provide and manage five allotment sites in Bridgend:

  • Great Western Allotment Site
  • Waunscil Avenue Allotment Site
  • Dunraven Allotment Site
  • Jubilee Allotment Site
  • Coychurch Road Allotment Site

Demand for allotments is high and as such, the Council manages a waiting list for plots. There are currently over 150 people on the waiting list and the Town Council’s current policy is to give priority to applications for plots to those residents living within the Town Council wards of Oldcastle, Newcastle and Morfa.

Tenancy agreements are offered on an annual basis and allotments are inspected on a regular basis to ensure the sites are maintained to a high standard.

If you live in an area outside of the Bridgend Town Council wards of Newcastle, Morfa and Oldcastle you may wish to contact you local Community Council as there may be other allotment sites you could apply for, closer to where you live.”

Please Note

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, some tenants could not cultivate their plots last year. We are currently working with tenants to discuss these difficulties and will offer vacant plots to the next person on the waiting list as soon as a plot becomes available.

How to apply for an allotment

Please note that most allotment sites are now fully occupied and any vacant allotment plots are in the process of being offered out to the next people on the waiting list. If you would like to register for an allotment plot you can send your name, address, email address and telephone number to:

or by using the online form below.

Please Note
Prior to the pandemic the potential waiting time on the Allotment waiting list was approximately three years but this is variable, dependent on when plots become available.

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