Bridgend Town Council is a public body and ensures its Members and Officers conduct its business and spend public funds responsibly.

The Council has arrangements in place for the governance of its affairs and the management of its resources to meet legislative requirements.

This section provides information about the Council’s remit as well as core documents, schemes and policies which have been approved and adopted by the Council.

Powers and Duties

The Council derives its powers from statute. A few of these are mandatory but most are discretionary. In all cases, both Members and Officers must work within the law.

The Town Clerk acts as advisor to the Council to ensure that it acts within the law at all times. From time to time this may mean the Clerk advising members during a meeting to alert members to possible legal issues in the decision making process.

A full list of the legal duties and powers of a Town Council can be found on Page 32 – 38 of The Good Councillor Guide.

Standing Orders

Financial Regulations

Members Code of Conduct

Publication Scheme

Committee Terms of Reference

Scheme of Delegation

Town Council Policies

Annual Reports