Annually Bridgend Town Council determines the level of budget it needs to provide services and deliver projects and events for the forthcoming financial year

  • The financial year of Bridgend Town Council begins on 1st April & ends on 31st March the following year.

Further to meetings of Bridgend Town Council Committees, the Clerk and Deputy Clerk/RFO prepares a draft budget for consideration by the Council, usually at its November meeting.

Members of the Council are fully aware of the need to be prudent, and the estimates and proposed expenditure are considered very carefully. Members also review the level of General Reserves held by Council when considering the forthcoming budget.

When the amount of budget required is determined, the tax is collected on our behalf from the residential properties within the town wards by Bridgend County Borough Council as part of Council Tax. This money is known as the Precept. There is no other form of statutory income for the Town Council.

In addition to the annual precept, the Town Council also pursues grant funding and sponsorship opportunities to fund some aspects of its work. The Town Council also receives income from allotment rent plus room hire, course fees and ticket sales for activities at Carnegie House.

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