Every year Bridgend Town Council offers the opportunity for two non-voting Youth Representatives to be co-opted onto the Town Council

The co-opted Youth Representatives are drawn from young people, age 16 – 25, who reside within the three Town Wards of Morfa, Oldcastle and Newcastle. See ward boundaries and maps for further details.

Background Information for Youth Members

Bridgend Town Council is an elected body of 19 councillors of all political persuasions who meet monthly on the third Monday at 6.30pm to discuss matters primarily of local Bridgend Town importance – but sometimes can include discussions on issues which are at regional or national importance.

Once elected – usually every 4-5 years, the Council has traditionally tried to leave “political” views to one side and act collectively in the interests of the residents of the Bridgend Town area.

Naturally, based in a commercial area, the Council take a view on all matters that affect the Town Centre but equally take an interest in residential areas, local schools and community organisations that have an impact and a contribution to local community life.

Meetings are open to the public and press who are entitled to record and report on anything that may be said in debate.

Council is headed by a Town Mayor who is annually elected from the members. Various committees make up the business of the Council – all of whom report monthly or periodically to the full Council so that all members are aware of decisions taken or projects suggested as part of Council life.

Councillors try to reflect all the views of local residents as they see them, but it may well be that due to the ages and experience of members, the ideas and views of younger people are sometimes overlooked or not always considered in determinations.

The Council want to hear the views of the younger generation – hence the invitation to young people to become Youth Representatives to express their points of view.

This experience will hopefully show the difference between the County Borough Council, namely BCBC and Town and Community Councils that have a much more local basis and can sometimes deal with issues that crop up and be more speedily resolved for the benefit of local residents.

This is a great opportunity for young people interested in local politics and issues and will give a first- hand insight into how local councils operate.

How to Apply

If you would like to become a co-opted Youth Member of Bridgend Town Council, please send a letter expressing your interest, outlining your background and why you are interested in becoming a Youth Representative of the Town Council. Applications will be considered at the Annual Meeting of Council in May each year. Applications should be sent to the Town Clerk, at:

  • Town Council Offices, Carnegie House, Wyndham Street, Bridgend, CF31 1EF

or by e-mail to:

The successful applicants will be notified of the Town Council’s decision following the receipt and consideration by Members of all applications at the annual meeting in May.