RAF Stormy Down

Bridgend in World War Two

RAF Stormy Down is a former Royal Air Force station located near Pyle and opened in 1940.

The Royal Air Force aerodrome at Stormy Down served a very important role in the training of Commonwealth and Allied ground and air crew during the Second World War. Facilities initially included wooden buildings, workshops, and a small grass runway, but were later expanded to include a new VR type hangar, concrete buildings and a reinforced surface for the runway.

More than 7,000 Air Gunners were trained there on courses lasting up to seven weeks. Often as young as 18 or 19 when they arrived, they would leave as Sergeants and could expect to be in combat soon after. A ground armaments school was also based at the site. It trained 1,800 members of the RAF and Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, alongside several hundred sailors destined to become Telegraphist Air Gunners with the Fleet Air Arm.

It’s estimated that over 10% of the young men who passed through Stormy Down would go on to lose their lives serving with Bomber Command. Among these was the Canadian Flight Sergeant Frank Garbas who took part in the famous ‘Dambusters’ raid.

RAF Stormy Down

RAF Stormy Down

Island Farm

A former prisoner of war camp

HMS Urge

A submarine paid for by the people of Bridgend

RAF Stormy Down

A war-time airfield

The Royal Ordnance Factory

Located at both Brackla and Waterton

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We will remember them

As part of the UK national Remembrance commemorations, Bridgend Town Council co-ordinates two events for local residents to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts.