All room hirers must be over 18 years of age and sign our policy agreement as part of our booking process.

Please see below our room hire policy:

  • 1. To pay the hire fee invoice upon receipt within the determined payment guidelines detailed on the invoice.
  • 2. The applicant(s) shall indemnify Bridgend Town Council, its servants and agents against all liabilities for personal injury whether fatal or otherwise and against all liabilities for loss or damage to property & other types and expenses whosoever caused/incurred whether by neglect of the Applicant(s) or their servants/agents which but for the exercise of the permission hereby granted would not have arisen
  • 3. To undertake responsibility for the proper use of the said premises and good conduct of all persons present within the hire party. Also to further undertake to ensure that the hirer or nominated representative will be present to supervise the proper use of the said premises.
  • 4. No alcoholic drinks are to be sold on the premises without prior permission from the Council to apply for the appropriate license, gambling is not permitted. There is no smoking allowed on the premises.
  • 5. Emergency exits must be kept clear from obstruction at all times, fire fighting equipment must remain in its proper place and is only for its intended use.
  • 6. The hirer must adhere to emergency exiting instructions and co-corporate with fire drills or other such fire emergency inspections.
  • 7. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure any food items are fit for consumption.
  • 8. All waste types and any other debris must be removed from the said premises upon departure. Failure to do so will result in commercial waste removal rates being added to the hire fee.
  • 9. Hire times shall be strictly adhered to and non-attendance/failure to notify a cancellation will still incur the appropriate hire fee.
  • 10. The Council implements its Equal Opportunities Policy at all times.
  • 11. The use of all inflatable equipment (bouncy castles) is not permitted within the said premises.
  • 12. No animals are permitted in the said premises, other than guide dogs for the visually impaired or registered companion animals or police dogs.
  • 13. The Council reserves the right to refuse, cancel or postpone hire sessions.