Bridgend Bridge


Bridgend Town Council Allotment Sites:

Bridgend Town Council currently manages 5 Allotment sites at the following locations: 

  • Dunraven Business Park
  • Coychurch Road
  • Great Western Avenue
  • Jubilee Road
  • Waunscil Avenue

Using BTC Allotment Sites During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic:

DO NOT attend allotment sites if you or someone you live with has Coronavirus symptoms or are self-isolating.

Social Distancing

Due to the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the following precautionary measures must be adhered to by all tenants attending Bridgend Town Council allotment sites:

  1. Tenants MUST maintain 'Social Distancing' of at least 2 metres from each other at all times;
  2. Tenants MUST remain on their own plots and not stray on to other plots under any circumstances;
  3. Tenants MUST NOT share tools nor any other items;
  4. Tenants MUST wash hands / use hand sanitiser regularly;
  5. Tenants MUST sanitise hands before and after opening/closing entrance gates, using site water taps and any other shared facilities;
  6. Tenants MUST NOT wash their hands in water troughs;
  7. Only allotment tenants are permitted to enter Bridgend Town Council allotment sites - no unauthorised access.

Maintaining Plots

Although as a result of the pandemic Bridgend Town Council have temporarily suspended allotment inspection activities, it is still a requirement (where possible) for tenants to maintain their plots.  Allotment plots are an excellent way of both getting exercise and obtaining food during this crisis.  Please notify your site representative if you are unable to maintain your plot.

Animal Welfare

It is essential that animal welfare standards are maintained throughout the lockdown period.  All animals/livestock should be tended to on at least a daily basis, ensuring the highest welfare standards at all times in accordance with The Animal Welfare Act 2006.


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, bonfires are NOT permitted on Bridgend Town Council allotment sites until further notice, for the following reasons:

  1. Smoke from bonfires can have a harmful effect on people with respiratory and other health issues;
  2. Bonfire smoke can also cause other issues such as preventing people from opening windows and/or using their garden, both of which are extremely important during the current lockdown
  3. Bonfires and other potentially dangerous and non-essential activities put unnecessary pressure on emergency services.  Bonfires can quickly burn out of control and may cause damage to property and/or personal injury.  During this pandemic both the Fire & Rescue and Ambulance Services may not have adequate resources available to deal with such emergencies quickly.

Bridgend Town Council therefore asks that all tenants please consider their neighbours by respecting their health and comfort during these unprecedented times.


As a result of the current pandemic Bridgend Town Council will not be providing skips to allotment sites until further notice.  Allotment tenants are requested to compost all garden waste and to bag and/or store any non-biodegradable items neatly, for disposal once the lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

New E-Mail Address

Bridgend Town Council are now operating a dedicated email address for all allotment queries.  Please send any queries to:

Bridgend Town Council would like to thank all tenants for their co-operation with these matters.

Looking for an allotment Plot?

Every plot on each Allotment Site is currently occupied.

Potential waiting time on the Allotment waiting list is approximately three years.

If you would like to place your name on the waiting list please write, email or phone the Town Council Office and provide the following details:

Contact Number:

Note: Precedence must be given to applicants living within the Town Council wards of Oldcastle, Newcastle and Morfa.

Phone: 01656 815757

Post: Bridgend Town Council
  Carnegie House
  Wyndham Street

CF31 1EF

Information for Allotment Tenants

If you are a tenant on one of the Town Council Allotment Sites and you would like to bring an issue to the attention of the Facilities Manager, please provide details by post or email.

The National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Limited provides information and advice regarding allotment cultivation etc.