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Bridgend Town Council

Bridgend Town Council is one of four Town Councils and 16 Community Councils in the County Borough of Bridgend on the southern coastal belt of the Principality.

Located in the south of the Borough it adjoins seven community councils (Brackla, Coychurch-Lower, Ewenny, Merthyr Mawr, Laleston, Newcastle Higher and Coity Higher) and the Vale of Glamorgan County Borough. The immediate town’s population is about 15,000, distributed over three Wards (Morfa, Newcastle and Oldcastle) and represented by 19 town councillors. However, this population can be trebled when including surrounding areas within a couple of miles of the Town Centre; namely

  • Pendre (2,500)
  • Litchard (2,500)
  • Brackla (10,000)
  • Coychurch (1,500)
  • Ewenny (1,000)
  • Broadlands (4,500),
  • Bryntirion (1,500)
  • Cefn Glas (4,500) and
  • Pen-y-Fai (2,500)

but outside the political/administrative boundaries of Bridgend Town Council.                                                  


 Committee Membership:


Oldcastle Ward:



Cllr. A. Morelli Welsh Labour  

Cllr. R. Porter 

Independent-Change for Bridgend  
Cllr. G. Sassoon-Hales  Welsh Labour  
Cllr. L. Walters   Welsh Conservative Party


Cllr. F. Bletsoe   Plaid Cymru  
Cllr. M. Voisey      Welsh Conservative Party  

Newcastle Ward:

Cllr. K. Boucher  Welsh Labour  
Cllr. E. Hughes Independent- Change for Bridgend  
Cllr. C. Webster Welsh Conservative Party  
Cllr.P.Warren               Independent- Change for Bridgend  
Cllr. D. Unwin  Independent- Change for Bridgend  
Cllr.A.Wathan               Independent- Change for Bridgend  
Cllr. T. Wood             Independent- Change for Bridgend  

Morfa Ward:

Cllr. N. Burnett           Welsh Labour  
Cllr. S. Charles Independent- Change for Bridgend  
Cllr. C. Evans          Independent- Change for Bridgend  
Cllr. S. Baldwin        Welsh Labour  
Cllr  S. Bletsoe 
Independent- Change for Bridgend  
Cllr. I. Robson       Independent- Change for Bridgend  
Key to Committees:  
Finance & Personnel Committee F&P
Planning Committee PL
Allotment Committee AL
Evergreen Hall Committee EH
YMCA Committee YMCA
Town Twinning Committee TT
Carnegie House Management Board CHMB
Conservation Advisory Committee CA
Town & Community Council Forum TCCF
Military Advisory Committee MAC
BCBC Town Members Meetings


Bridgend Town Councillors Register of Interests
Register of Interests 2016-2017 PDF 

Councillors can be contacted via the Town Council Office on 01656815757 or by e-mail at