Bridgend Bridge

Tudor Fayre

Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Bridgend Market Charter

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On Saturday 17th September, Bridgend will step back 500 years to 1516 when King Henry VIII granted a Royal Market Charter to the town.

The Town Centre will be transformed in to a typical Tudor market of the era with over 20 demonstrations of activities that were commonplace in the 16th century.

Many activities will be educational and people of all ages will be encouraged to watch and join in!

Workshops will include Tudor Pottery, Cooking, Leather Purse Making and Toy Making; together with Ink, Quill and Parchment making, Tudor Soap and Candle Making, Spinning, Weaving, Arrow Making and many more!

Tudor entertainment will take place throughout the day including traditional Tudor musicians, storytelling, the Court Jester and Falconry.

King Henry himself will make Royal Progress around the Town, accompanied by one of his six wives and offer an ‘Audience with the King’ to receive petitions from local folk on all manner of subjects.

At 12 noon, the Market Charter ceremony will take place when the King will present the legal document to the Mayor of Bridgend Town.

This event will be a unique experience in historical terms for the Bridgend area and will be great fun for all the family.

Henry VIII

The ‘King’ will recount his life, telling of his wives, children, and the events of his long reign, in a most forceful fashion. 

This is a highly acclaimed and powerful presentation that is offered in the form of an ‘audience’ with the ‘King’, during the course of which, the public may question and ‘petition’ their Monarch.

Children’s Tudor Workshops

Children’s Tudor Pottery Making Workshop
Meet our medieval potter who will undertake workshops with children to make period pots that they can make and take away at the end of each session.  This is a very popular demonstration with children and captures their imagination through art and design.

Tudor Cooking
Learn about cooking using herbs, vegetables and ingredients found in a Kitchen Garden. 

Tudor Leatherworker – Children’s Tudor Purse Making Workshop
Using traditional tools and methods our period leather worker will be making items used during the Tudor period.  For this demonstration our Leather worker will be supervising the making of Tudor Leather Purses, which children can make as a make and take home workshop. 

Tudor Leather Stamp Making
For the day and in a workshop environment children will make Leather stamps, which can be worn as a necklace or friendship bracelet as a keepsake of the day.  Children will be able to stamp out various designs under supervision in this fun workshop activity.

Tudor Market and Demonstrations

Tudor Ink, Quill and Parchment Making
A fascinating series of demonstrations in which, our period scribe will use traditional quills and styles of writing, which can be found throughout the period.  There will also be the opportunity for members of the public to participate in writing their names to learn about calligraphy.  The day will include Tudor Ink Making using traditional methods and also Parchment Making so that adults and children will see the type of materials used to write documents.

Tudor Wattle and Daub and Building Construction
A unique opportunity for children and adults to have a go at wattle and daub making and construction techniques.  Using traditional (but safe materials) children can get fully active placing wattle and daub on wooden frames and discover what it would have been like to have live in a 'mud house'.  A great activity for all the family to enjoy!

Tudor Bakery
Come and meet our Tudor Baker with his oven who will prepare and make Tudor bread using traditional ingredients of the period.  Children can also grind the corn using a period quern for the baker to use. 

Tudor Soap Making
Come and discover about Tudor Soap Making and health and cleanliness during the period. Discover about the different herbs used to scent soap and how soap was made using traditional methods of working. 

Tudor Forge
A Tudor forge will be in operation and will produce metal work of the period.  The forge will contain a large bellows used in the period and members of the public will be able to see the blacksmith at work using traditional tools and methods.

Tudor Pole-lathe Turning
Watch our professional pole-lathe turner make furniture of the period using a man-powered pole-lathe.  This is an exciting method of working and very visual.  Find out about furniture of the period and the cost of producing chairs and tables in the Tudor period.

Tudor Candle Making
Tudor candles will be made using various methods available during the period.  The candles will be made of bees wax, although in this demonstrations tallow may be used.  Candles were used extensively throughout the period particularly in the manor house, abbeys and cathedrals of the time.

Period Spinning and Weaving
Demonstrations of Tudor spinning and weaving will be undertaken throughout the day.  Children will also be able to participate.

Tudor Dyer
Discover about dying clothes and other items during the Tudor period.  Find out about the use of various plant dyes and minerals to dye cloth.  Watch as our dyer prepares various colours and the variety of colours available during the period.  An amazing display that will educate and entertain members of the public.

Tudor Warfare

Fletcher and Arrow Making
The Tudor Fletcher will make arrows for use with the longbow.  A variety of different types of Tudor arrows and arrowheads will be on display and the public will be able to handle the arrows and learn about Tudor warfare.  Arrows will be made using a forge.

Tudor Medicine

Tudor Barber Surgeon

Discover about health and disease from the Tudor Surgeon.  The day will comprise our surgeon demonstrating how wounds and diseases were treated, using traditional methods and practices of the period.  Discover about blood letting and come and see the ‘leech’.  A full and fascinating day for all the family.

Tudor Naval and Military Demonstrations

Tudor Sailors
Tudor Sailors will provide interpretation, talks and displays on the following:

  • Rope work
  • Navigation
  • Weapons
  • Sailors Tools and Food
  • Net Making

Tudor Entertainment

Tudor Musicians
An amazing array of Tudor music and instruments will be played throughout the day.  The performers will provide walkabout entertainment for the day and create a Tudor atmosphere by playing various popular music of the period.