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Elder Yard, Rhiw Shopping Centre and Indoor Market

The Rhiw Shopping Centre and Indoor Market Hall offers today’s shopper a wide variety of goods. With a number of High Street names, 40 market stalls and 400 parking spaces, the Centre combines the convenience of shopping under one roof with the character of a town centre. Below are some interesting facts in the long history of the Indoor Market Hall dating from its inception in 1837.


Bridgend Market Act passed to remove provision and livestock markets from the streets around the Town Hall.


New Market Hall opened on Lady Day. Built by the Earl of Dunraven or his ancestors on the site of the old Tennis Courts, which then became the Tennis Court Hotel in Caroline Street, and is now Trade Secret.#


The Market Hall remained in use until it was superseded by a new, fully covered Market Hall.


A Grand Eisteddfod was held in the Market Hall on Boxing Day.


First Concert of the Bridgend and District Musical Society held in the Market Hall on the 8th/9th February.


Bridgend butcher was fined for putting too much meat in his sausages (48%-54% instead of maximum 45%).


Bridgend Urban District Council purchased the Market Hall from the Dunraven Estates Ltd.


The Market Hall in Caroline Street closed and the last stallholders left at the end of May. The Hall was demolished in June after standing since 1906. The new Market opened on Monday 15th May. All 40 stalls and two large stores being leased.


On 1st March, the old Market Bell and Cupola were reinstalled outside the entrance to the Market Hall. The Bell dates back to 1837 and it tolled for the last time in 1971. Mr Bernard Oakes, a butcher in the Market and the longest serving trader in the Town, received a plaque to mark his 60 years’ service to Bridgend.