Bridgend Bridge

20th. Century

20th Century

Bridgend entered this century developing quietly as a market town and residential area depending on surrounding agriculture and the business brought by coal mining in the northern valleys.


The first bus station in South Wales was opened here in 1923 and in the same year the local railways became part of the Great Western Railway Company.


The town’s change of character dates from the building of the vast Royal Ordnance Factory at Waterton immediately before the outbreak of World War II. Post-war development included the conversion of this huge munitions factory into an impressive industrial estate including the European manufacturing base of the Sony Company, now closed, together with the nearby industrial developments such as the highly successful Ford Motor Company’s Engine Plant and the Science Park (which houses several international hi-tech companies), Bridgend boasts a well developed manufacturing and service sector that is world renowned.


The completion of the M4 Motorway from London to Pont Abraham (West Wales) and the dual carriageways to Junctions 35, 36 and 37; the town’s railway Intercity link and the facility of Cardiff International Airport (just 12 miles away) has made the town and the surrounding area very accessible.